Monday, November 24, 2008

Roshan 10 month video

Month 10 was a big one for Roshan, with some major events like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  • Spitting. Lots of it. He got his first complaint from one of his day care colleagues ("Mama Joy, Roshan is spitting on me"). Fortunately, he made it a useful communication tool to tell us when he does not want any more food.
  • Walking on the furniture. He is all over the place. He even took his musical table and turned it into a baby walker. He has also basically given up improving his crawling technique.
  • Pulled the keys off his first computer. Roshan loves to grab and pull, which does not work well with keyboards. The first of many things he will eventually destroy.
  • First taste of over roasted turkey.
  • First trip to the aquarium. If you hear a kid yelling at the fishes and banging on the windows, that would be Roshan.
  • Kicked his first soccer ball. He definitely looks right footed.
  • Placed his first call. He found the re-dial key and called his Agee.
  • Favorite toy: balloons. He loved has no problem hitting them into his face.

Roshan 10 month from rishi chandra on Vimeo.